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Adolescent's value having a place to share their successes and struggles with without judgement of their situation or choices. Teenager's and their families may need professional guidance to overcome a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues that can arise in this crucial developmental stage.  

teen dbt skills group

Skills training focuses on learning new skills to manage intense emotions, relationships and unwanted life events. Multifamily group, includes parents and teens, meets once a month to learn ways to skillfully navigate family conflict during the teen years.

DBT skills training is effective for teens who struggle with impulsivity, intense mood swings, chaotic relationships, family conflict and risky behaviors.


Distress Tolerance

Interpersonal Effectiveness

 Emotional Regulation

Beginning group at beginning of a module is recommended.

Call to set up a consultation with

Amy Powell, LPC to get started!

Teen Groups are on Monday's from 5:00pm-6:30pm

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